19 Great Dating Spots in Rochester and Kingston, New York - According to Couples

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Situated on the banks of the stunning Lake Ontario in New York, Rochester is a place that is packed with charm, character, and unique ambiance. This is a city that has loads of sights and attractions for visitors to enjoy, so anyone coming here - tourist or resident - can look forward to a diverse and exciting experience.

While only a tenth of Rochester's size, we found a large amount of highly-rated date spots in Kingston, too. Kingston is a city that has lots of fabulous venues that are ideal for couples looking for fun, adventure, or romance.

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In this guide, we have put together a list of 19 top picks according to couples, making it easier for you and your partner to decide where to go for a great day or evening out while you are in the city. You can check out the average ratings of the selected dating spots as well as the couples’ ratio, which refers to the percentage of couples that left reviews compared to non-couples.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at your top picks for dating spots in Rochester and Kingston, New York state.

1. Rohrbach Brewing Co. Railroad Street Beer Hall, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 96%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

If you want to enjoy some tempting craft brews, delicious food, and a great atmosphere, the Rohrbach Brewing Co. Railroad Street Beer Hall is a great place to go for your date. You can look forward to a good range of food as well as an impressive variety of interesting beers to sample.

The interior of this place is cozy, welcoming, and relaxing, which makes it a great place for a unique and chilled out dating experience. From brick-oven pizza to a range of sandwiches, you can find the ideal food to complement the craft beers perfectly while soaking up the friendly atmosphere of the venue.

What Daters Say

"Great place to stop. Love the scotch ale. Had a delicious brick oven pizza. Our server was awesome. Don't miss this to stop if ever in Rochester!" – BuckinPA

"I had been to Rohrbach's at the Public Market several years ago. Recently, I went back with a group and was "wowed". First, we got our first beer- yummy- and then proceeded to take a tour of the brewery with Bill. It was entertaining and informative and just fun. Then we moved on to the renovated brewery which now has a huge bar, wood-fired pizza oven, and party room. That was great to see, but it really rocked when we finished with more great beer and individual pizzas. Delicious!" - LilyLyons

"I cannot say enough about the Railroad St location! As a west-sider, I grew up going to the brewpub on Westside Dr, and I can't tell you how awesome it is having this DT location in adulthood. I come here for all kinds of different scenarios! Day date (grabbing a flight, settling in for some scrabble/connect four), larger-scale meetups with old friends, work dinners, post-public market hang, the list goes on and on." – Megan C

Why Rohrbach's is the Perfect Date Spot

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The charm, cozy atmosphere, great food, and huge selection of craft beers make this an excellent choice for a relaxed and chilled out date. You can have fun, chat, and relax with your partner as you soak up the unique ambiance of the place.

"It's the perfect balance between being a nice atmosphere yet still casual. Couples can enjoy quality food and drink at their leisure, without the need for an advance reservation or pressure to pay a high bill. Regarding first dates, I think it's especially perfect. It isn't too stuffy and allows you to be more relaxed. Instead of being stuck facing each other at a single table, there are opportunities to change where you're seating, chat with others at the community tables, talk with the bar staff about the beer, and play shuffleboard or other games. The bustling, welcoming atmosphere helps to prompt more conversation and create a memorable experience", said Rohrbach's Marketing Director Brittany Statt.

What to Do Nearby

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For some cultural exploration and a fascinating experience, pay a visit to the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester. This is a great way to delve into some of the artistic culture of the area and take in some fascinating exhibitions.

Another great attraction within easy reach is the Rochester Museum & Science Center. This is a great place for those that love to explore. This is a place that is perfect for those with curious minds, as you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of science and enjoy some fantastic experiences.

2. Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 73%
  • Aggregate review score: 5/5

For those who want to enjoy an interactive and exciting experience, this fascinating museum is a great choice. One of the largest history museums in the nation, this is a place where you can learn all about the history of play through a range of exciting and captivating exhibits and interactive displays.

You will find a variety of different aspects to this museum, including the World Video Game Hall of Fame and the International Center for the History of Electronic Games among others. You can learn more about the history of both traditional games and play as well as the more advanced gaming of the digital age.

What Daters Say

"There was so much to do! This museum will keep you entertained for hours. There is so much to see and do, and it's definitely for all ages, including teenagers and adults. It's very nostalgic and interesting. I plan on going back with my family because it was such an amazing place and we didn't get to experience it all even though we were there for hours!" - LMNay

"I wish this museum was back home in Canada! Wonderful activities for kids that kept them entertained all day long. Personally, loved seeing the displays dedicated to comic book and video game history. Best museum for families ever, and a must-do in Rochester." – Warren Y

"This is such a great place to bring your kids or bring out your inner kid! Being a Rochester native, I, of course, went here on field trips as a kid, but as an adult I feel like I have just as much fun! There is something for everyone in a family as they hit on toys and play throughout history.  Don't forget to get a picture on the iconic Sesame Street front stoop, or shop in the mini Wegmans.  The staff is amazing, and they really make sure to take great care of the museum.  " – Stephanie V

Why the Strong National Museum of Play is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: museumofplay.org

There are many reasons why this museum is the ideal place for a date. You can look forward to enjoying some fun exploration together, and it is a great choice for couples who are into gaming. In addition, you can enjoy a more relaxed and fun date with plenty of exhibits to keep you busy as you explore the museum together.

There is also a food court at the museum, so you can stop off for some lunch and a refreshing drink as part of your day at the museum. You can even go on adult exhibit tours at the museum to further enhance your time here.

Shane Rhinewald, Senior Director of Public Relations at The Strong, told us "The Strong National Museum of Play makes a great date spot because play is universal and everyone—of all ages—can connect over it. All of the toys displayed in the museum and all of its interactive areas act as prompts, allowing people to share their fondest memories. This makes for easy, joyful conversation, which can be especially important for a first or early date. Plus, being at the museum brings out the playful and goofy side in all of us. According to research in the museum’s American Journal of Play, that’s a particularly attractive trait".

What to Do Nearby

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A visit to the nearby Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park will enable you to enjoy a host of activities and a fun atmosphere. There are lots of sights and amenities to enjoy here, with an area that is a stunning pool with fountains in the summer but becomes a fun-packed ice rink in the winter months.

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If you are keen to explore some history, pay a visit to the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. Once home to the American civil rights legend, you can explore her history as well as being able to delve into the history of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

3. Cure, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 66%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

For delicious French and international cuisine, you can head to Cure for a wonderful, relaxing date in pleasant surroundings. This is a great place for a brunch or dinner date or simply to enjoy a great choice of refreshing drinks at the bar. The diverse and varied menu means that there is something to suit all tastes and preferences.

When you come to Cure, you can enjoy dining and drinks in a relaxed ambiance. You will be able to look forward to great service as well as delicious food that is beautifully presented. Depending on the day of the week you visit, you can also look forward to a variety of special events like

What Daters Say

"Went for Sunday brunch, party of 6. JJ the server was very engaging and funny which made our experience outstanding. The food was very well prepared, and they accommodated some of our strange requests. I have been here for dinner and now Sunday brunch, always an outstanding experience. JJ, thank you for the laughs and all the fun." - WDLueck

"Great waitress. Great suggestions in ordering. Interesting menu. Impressive decor. Recommend for dates and friends. Get a lot of small plates and share" - FoxJT

"Finally, FINALLY made my way into Cure after having meant to go there for...years? Seriously! Never a cocktail, never a snack, never a stepped foot into Cure until this past weekend, when I finally got to experience the glory that is this cozy French spot. Our service, cocktails, and food were all absolutely top-notch, and the style of the restaurant made me feel as though I was transported far, far away." – Megan C

Why Cure is the Perfect Date Spot

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With its cozy atmosphere, intimate ambiance, and great food, this is an excellent choice for couples. You can look forward to a relaxed date and have some fun as well as enjoying great food, a wide selection of drink options, and the chilled-out vibe.

The restaurant and bar have received some great reviews from both couples and groups who have come here to dine and have some fun. It is a great place not just for individual couples but also for groups of friends who want to let their hair down and relax.

Speaking for Cure, Donny Clutterbuck told us, "off the beaten path in the Public Market of downtown Rochester, NY— Cure serves predominantly French cuisine, French wine, and thoughtful, refined cocktails. A low-lighting table for two isn’t difficult to find at Cure for a decidedly intimate dinner."

What to Do Nearby

Source: senecaparkzoo.org

For a really fun day out and the chance to see some wonderful wildlife and animals, head to Seneca Park Zoo. Here, you will find over 90 species across 20 acres, so you can spend a whole morning or afternoon exploring.

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If you fancy a romantic stroll while taking in natural beauty in the great outdoors, head to Highland Park. Spanning 150 acres, this is a place where you can soak up the natural beauty and enjoy peace and tranquility.

4. Geva Theater, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 62%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

For couples looking for a combination of great entertainment and culture, a trip to the Geva Theater is a great choice. This is a place where you can enjoy a host of plays and performances with a diverse program of events to suit all tastes and preferences.

All seats in this theater are close to the stage, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded at the back of some huge hall where you can barely see the performance. You can look forward to comfort and a great atmosphere as you take in one of the many great shows at this theater.

What Daters Say

"Every performance I've seen at Geva has been professional, well-directed, and entertaining. Also, since it's a small venue, any seat you purchase is solid." - Cndga

"Geva is a real community gem for Rochester. The productions are varied in content and often include premiere productions of new plays. The size of the theatre is intimate as opposed to auditoriums. It makes for a powerful and engaging experience. If you are interested in the play that is currently in production when you visit, then go. Top-notch actors and directing." – Barney6toes

"We have been members here for two years and can't say enough about Geva. The shows are high quality and the experience is always top-notch. The cafe offers great snacks and drinks before and during intermission. The theater also features some great performances on their next stage as well as smaller shows on special event days. We saw a New Year's Eve show one year-so much fun!! A Rochester must-see." – Lauren R

Why Geva Theater is the Perfect Date Spot

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Located at the gateway to Downtown Rochester in one of the most historic buildings in the city, Geva Theatre Center makes a great date spot.

Dawn Kellogg, Communications Manager, told DatingExperts.com, "Now in its 47th season, Geva is Rochester’s leading professional theatre and one of the most attended professional regional theatres in the country. Geva draws upon the talents of some of the country’s top actors, directors, designers, and writers who are shaping the American Theatre scene. It’s one of the few places in town where you can have a drink, dinner or snack and see a Broadway-quality show in one place"

For dining, the Geva Kitchen offers a selection of small plates, salads, artisan pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts. The bar features a good selection of wines, local craft beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. Whether you are seeing a big musical or comedy in the 516-seat Wilson Stage or a compelling drama in the 180-seat Fielding stage, you are guaranteed an amazing experience. No seat is further than 50 feet from the action on stage and it's affordable - tickets to shows start at $25. Geva offers a wealth of accessibility services ensuring that everyone has the ability to enjoy live theatre.

What to Do Nearby

Source: museumofplay.org

If you are interested in games, both traditional and electronic, you need to pay a visit to this museum. You can learn all about the history of gaming and games through a wide range of fascinating exhibitions and displays at the Strong National Museum of Play.

For those into science, the planets, and exploration, the Rochester Museum & Science Center is an excellent attraction to visit. You will find a huge amount to do here, so you and your partner can have fun exploring and enjoy new learning experiences.

5. Boitson’s, Kingston

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  • Couple ratio: 58%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

This popular American bar and restaurant provides a relaxing and enjoyable environment for couples on a date. You can enjoy a great choice of dishes including plenty of vegetarian options. You will also be able to enjoy relaxing with a drink from the fully stocked bar as you kick back and enjoy good food and good conversation.

The dark interior makes for a cozy and intimate setting but if you want some air, you can also enjoy sitting on the deck and relaxing outdoors. You can expect great service and a friendly welcome when you come here for a chilled-out lunch or dinner date.

What Daters Say

"Terrific atmosphere! Dim lit cozy booth/ bench seats on one side, aligned with horizontal mirrors glowing with caged industrial sconces. The glowing glass sign above the bar, which reads Lubrication, deep red colors drenching the walls. The choices on the menu have something special for everyone!! Even the meat lovers wouldn’t believe the vegan meatballs didn’t have meat!! Delicious!!" - Woodbee

"Boitson’s has definitely become our go-to spot in uptown. The ambiance is great, they are kid-friendly, but you could also get a cozy indoor table or a bar seat for a more intimate occasion, and they handle groups surprisingly well. The food is good and while not "cheap" it’s really tasty. It’s worth it!!! Drinks are also very tasty. Haven’t had a bad meal yet." - FinnyB

"If you come to Boitson's, definitely sit outside in the back patio. It adds such charm to the whole experience. They have a standard menu and a rotating one with seasonal/local fare. For date night my boyfriend and I shared a bottle of wine, oysters, cod fritters, and the bay scallops with orecchiette. The food was very fresh and very good (the scallop dish was the least exciting, but still tasty). Pricewise, Boitson's is comparable to Manhattan, but definitely worth it for a nicer evening out." – Jackie S

Why Why Boitson’s is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: boitsons.com

With a cozy atmosphere, great food, excellent service, and fabulous drinks options, this really is a great place for your date. You can enjoy relaxing, chatting, and sampling delicious food as you soak up the ambiance.

According to Chronogram: "If your goal is to eat outside, specifically oysters, in the former capital of New York State, we’ve got the place for you. Boitson’s offers a wonderful back deck complete with full bar and expansive views, perfect for those warm summer evenings. Did we mention they play old black and white classic films on mute? #ambianceonpoint"

What to Do Nearby

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If you love history and architecture, you can look forward to a visit to the nearby Old Dutch Church. This is a stunning building with a rich history that is ripe for exploration. There are also various events held at the church.

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Another great choice for lovers of history and culture is the Matthewis Person House. This is a place where you can explore the building and structure of the property as well as learn more about its various phases through history.

6. Blue Mountain Bistro-To-Go, Kingston

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  • Couple ratio: 52%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

Offering an impressive array of dishes at affordable prices, this is a great place for a casual and relaxed date. You can choose from a range of appetizers and main dishes, with options to suit all tastes and preferences. You can enjoy simple dishes such as sandwiches and soups making it the perfect place for a lunch date.

It can get quite busy here, so another option is to take out your food and enjoy dining al fresco at a local park. This is great for dates during the warmer weather when you can enjoy the great food while relaxing outdoors.

What Daters Say

"I have enjoyed literally HUNDREDS of meals at Bistro-To-Go and can count my less than superb experiences on one hand. Whenever I am within a 10-mile radius of Richard and Mary Anne's delicious eatery it is always my go-to spot. Folks know that I am a regular and ask for recommendations from the menu to which I always shrug. It is all top-notch. Their devotion to high quality, expertly prepared food combined with thoughtful and professional service is a source of perpetual gratitude for people like me who know how valuable and rare a place like Bistro-To-Go is. See you there!" – Voyage55861

"I love being able to stop by on my way home from Kingston to grab a healthy dinner to go. I live on the Salmon Dijonaisse. They have a few tables to eat in if you want, and a large selection of gourmet groceries. Don't forget to turn left as you enter to see the dessert case! Terrific Tres Leches Cake!" – Alisa B

"Every single time I get something from here I'm impressed! Very yummy and quality truly matches the price. Specials every day. Their coffee is awesome. The staff is super friendly. Always a treat to grab from Bistro." – Tatiana K

Why Blue Mountain Bistro-To-Go is the Perfect Date Spot

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If you want to enjoy good, affordable food and a relaxed atmosphere, this is a great place for a casual date. Of course, you don’t have to sit in to enjoy their food, as you can also take it out and enjoy eating wherever you like.

The relaxed ambiance coupled with the good food and welcoming atmosphere makes this a great choice when it comes to taking your date for a bite to eat, and a great cup of coffee, and a relaxed chat.

What to Do Nearby

Source: senatehousekingston.org

Those who love history and like to explore will enjoy paying a visit to the Senate House State Historic Site. This is a place that will enable you to explore the way of life in centuries gone by with some great artifacts and exhibits.

A visit to the Old Dutch Church is another great way for you to enjoy the chance to delve into the past and admire the stunning architecture. You can also take in a range of events depending on when you visit.

7. Red Lobster, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 48%
  • Aggregate review score: 3.5/5

If you enjoy seafood, you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, and you want to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner, Red Lobster is a great choice of venue. You can look forward to some delicious dishes and mouthwatering fresh seafood as well as a fully stocked bar and a diverse choice of starters and sides.

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, you can look forward to efficient table service at this restaurant. So, you and your date can relax with a drink while your sumptuous food is prepared and whisked to your table.

What Daters Say

"I visited this Red Lobster for dinner and found the service and the food to be good. I had the wood-grilled shrimp and it was nicely flavored along with a sizable helping of rice. I recommend the shrimp." - RollMeAway

"food was very good-service was excellent-timing from beginning to end was great-food came out timed very well-came early 4 pm-can’t wait to go again" – Tom W

"Our server Alex (female) was exceptionally kind. The food was good. Seafood has gotten really expensive, but that is not their fault. My parmesan-crusted tilapia was tasty, and I would come back." – Joseph I

Why Red Lobster is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: redlobster.com

Affordable pricing, a relaxed atmosphere, and some fabulous seafood dishes are just some of the reasons why Red Lobster is a great choice for a date. In addition to this, you can enjoy great service from the friendly staff, which helps to add to the experience.

You can also enjoy the chance to relax with a glass of wine, a beer, or your favorite beverage, with a full bar available at the restaurant. This means you can get the perfect drink to accompany your seafood while you chill out and enjoy spending time together.

What to Do Nearby

If you fancy catching the latest movie before or after your meal at Red Lobster, you can head to the nearby Regal Cinemas Henrietta 18. This is a great place to relax and watch the latest blockbusters on the big screen as part of your dating experience.

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For those that want to have some serious fun and excitement as part of the date, you can head to the fantastic Lasertron. This is a great way to break the ice, enjoy some fun, and release the inner child in you.

8. Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Rochester

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  • Couple ratio: 47%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

When it comes to romantic food, Italian is often the first choice, making it perfect for a date. When you come to Carrabba’s Italian Grill, you can look forward to some excellent and authentic Italian dishes with something to suit every taste and preference.

The intimate and cozy interior of this restaurant makes it a great option for your lunch or dinner date. You can also enjoy drinks from the fully stocked bar including some sumptuous cocktails for a pre-dinner tipple. The great service further enhances the experience, making for an ideal dating location.

What Daters Say

"We enjoyed our meal and service. We shared the Caprese salad and hubby ordered steak with mashed potato and I had the shrimp and scallops with vodka sauce. Too much food but tasty." – 636Brendaz

"Went there with my girlfriend. We started with drinks; Sangria for her, house red wine for me and both drinks were very good. Then we both had the ribeye steak, her's was medium well and mine was rare. They were both cooked and seasoned perfectly. We finished with tiramisu which was also excellent. We had great service and food and a wonderful time as we do every time we go there, which is once or twice a month." – Bernie C

"My daughter, son-in-law and I ate at Carrabba's last Saturday in Rochester, New York! Yummy yummy yummy Italian food. The service was good, the wait was minimal, although they were very busy, and I highly recommend it." – Rosemarie R

Why Carrabba’s Italian Grill is the Perfect Date Spot

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The atmosphere is the ideal setting for your date, and the ability to enjoy a few drinks including cocktails is the perfect icebreaker. You can also look forward to delicious Italian food and excellent service.

According to the restaurant: "Offering authentic Italian cuisine passed down from our founders' family recipes, Carrabba's uses only the best ingredients to prepare fresh and handmade dishes cooked to order in a lively exhibition kitchen. Featuring a wood-burning grill inspired by the many tastes of Italy, guests can enjoy signature dishes, including Chicken Bryan, Pollo Rosa Maria, Wood-Fire Grilled Steak and chops and classic Italian Pasta dishes in a welcoming, contemporary atmosphere."

What to Do Nearby

Source: themarketplacemall.com

For those that want to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and the chance to do a little shopping, the nearby Marketplace Mall is a great option. You can browse a range of stores and take in the buzzing ambiance of the mall when you visit.

If you are eager to enjoy thrills and excitement, one place you should head to is the RPM Raceway. Here you can look forward to fast-paced thrills and adventure as you unleash the speed demon in you!

9. George Eastman Museum, Rochester

Source: eastman.org

  • Couple ratio: 46%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

For couples who love exploring history and have an interest in photography and motion pictures, the George Eastman Museum is a great place for a date. The oldest photography museum in the world, you will find a huge variety of exhibits and displays to explore here. In fact, there are almost a million objects at the museum to give you something to discuss.

You will find both temporary and permanent exhibitions relating to movies and photography at this museum, so there is always something new to explore. There are also events that take place at the impressive onsite Dryden Theater.

What Daters Say

"Thoroughly enjoyed our time spent there. Unfortunately read previous reviews suggesting 1 1/2 hours was adequate so I allowed 2 hours, which was not enough. I suggest 2 hours for the home and 1 hour for the grounds tour with a docent, a plus any additional time for activities such as piano, quartet, and / or organ music venues which all occurred while we were there. I suggest you do a better job planning your visit and consider a 4-hour total time to really see and appreciate the museum’s offerings." – CD Sustendal

"George Eastman was one of the giants of his time along with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. His house is quite interesting--the man lived like the wealthy individual he was. Visitors should make a point of visiting the beautiful gardens. Attached is a museum and for those interested in photography it is quite special. For many it will also be a trip down memory lane--"The Kodak Baby Brownie)." – Seth G

"Went to see the Art of Warner Brother's display and loved the whole place.  Beautiful home to tour and lovely gardens.  There's an activity room for older kids.  You can tour on your own or they have free tours with a docent at certain times.  Check their web site for times.  Also have a lot of old cameras and info to see on photography." – Deb H

Why the George Eastman Museum is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: eastman.org

The George Eastman Museum provides something a little different to the usual dinner dates and other traditional dating experiences. For couples that have a strong interest in history and photography, this makes it the ideal venue for a date as well as an exciting and enriching experience.

According to US News: "Recent visitors called this museum "a must for the photography enthusiast" and said that even if you're not interested in film and photography, the historic mansion and gorgeous gardens are worth a visit. Reviewers also highly recommended the on-site cafe for lunch."

Adding even more reasons to take your date here, the museum's PR manager Kellie Fraver told us, "The George Eastman Museum is full of conversation starters for couples on a first date to couples on their 100th. There is something to peak everyone's interests, from history and gardens to photography and film. The museum's Dryden Theatre offers film screenings 5-6 times a week, and the variety of films shown have been known to spark conversation for our patrons. The museum is also a quick walk to the Neighborhood of the Arts or Park Avenue, making a great place to visit before or after a meal or coffee date."

What to Do Nearby

Source: rmsc.org The Pink FLoyd Laser show at Strasenburgh Planetarium, RMSC

You can continue with your exploration with a visit to the nearby Rochester Museum & Science Center. This is a great place to enjoy fantastic experiences, try out interactive exhibits, and enjoy some amazing displays.

Source: lostboroughbrewing.com

To finish your day with some refreshments, you can head over to the Lost Borough Brewing Co. Here, you will find a huge variety of craft beers to delight your tastes buds. This is a microbrewery that offers great beer and a great atmosphere.

10. Brown Hound Downtown, Rochester

Source: brownhoundbistro.com

  • Couple ratio: 44%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

Located within the Memorial Art gallery, this bistro offers great food, baked delights, a bar service, and even catering services. It is the Perfect place for a relaxed brunch, and you and your date can enjoy the chilled-out ambiance as well as great food.

Whether you like classic dishes, or you want something a little different, you will find that the diverse and unique menu here caters to all tastes and preferences. There is plenty of parking if you are planning to drive.

What Daters Say

"What a great gem hidden inside the Memorial Art Gallery! The menu was small, but the selection was superbly well planned. French toast was outstanding!" - Moondanced

"This restaurant serves hyper-local food, booze, and funk that is delicious, creatively prepared, and delicious. The menu is small, and the vibe is paradoxically country funky inside this elegant art museum, but it’s a great place for lunch or brunch and definitely off the beaten path. Excellent in Rochester. Everything is really good, or so say my colleagues and friends." – Josh547

"I've had a number of wonderful experiences at BHD and am surprised I haven't written a review until now! Their food is wonderful and the ambiance (nestled inside the MAG pavilion) simply cannot be beaten. I've had great interactions with all staff members, and they take true care in ensuring you have an awesome experience." – Megan C

Why Brown Hound Downtown is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: brownhoundbistro.com

"Brown Hound Downtown makes a great date spot because it is adjacent to the fantastic Memorial Art Gallery, which suggests a romantic stroll and prompts thoughtful discussion! It is tucked into the historic and elegant Cutler Union, with a cozy lounge and an eclectic blend of creative food, locally sourced bar and heart-warming dog photos and portraits. It has FREE parking! FREE Wi-Fi and a charming bakery & espresso bar for a more casual date. Live music during our Sunday Brunch, along with the 'Best Bloody Mary' in Rochester helps make it one of Rochester's go-to spots when your date continues into the next morning", says owner Trish Aser.

What to Do Nearby

Source: rochesterartwalk.org

For couples that enjoy taking a stroll and love the arts, ARTWalk is a fascinating and enjoyable urban art trail within easy reach. You can enjoy taking this pedestrian-friendly walk and spotting the fascinating artwork that lines the trail.

11. The Red Fern, Rochester

  • Couple ratio: 44%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

Offering a good choice of Vegan American cuisine, the Red Fern caters for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Both meat-eaters and vegans have enjoyed dining here, and with veganism on the rise, it has become a very popular choice in Rochester.

When you dine here, you can look forward to freshly cooked and prepared dishes made with high-quality ingredients and beautifully presented. With a focus on the environment and social consciousness, this is a place where you and your date can enjoy a guilt-free meal.

What Daters Say

"Our group of three came here - two vegans and one omnivore. Each of us LOVED the food. My husband had the "Compost Plate," a play on Rochester's famed "Garbage Plate." My daughter had the grilled cheese stuffed with delicious add-ons. I had the Buddha bowl. We also shared the pickled veggie appetizer and some delicious ice cream. All were fantastic. The menu had something for everyone, whether you are super health-conscious or in the mood for something more decadent. Big selection of amazing vegan pastries/cakes/ice creams, too. "The variety offered on the menu was awesome." – Bkramer947

"This is the second visit to the Red Fern, and it is nothing less than amazing. The food and desserts are incredible, and it is probably the best vegan restaurant I have ever been too. A must stop if you are in the area." - WheatyTweety

"I absolutely adore Red Fern. It's my default spot to eat at in Rochester. I haven't had a bad meal yet and I've been here at least 10 times. It's a way away from where I live in Lyons but when I see a special on their Instagram that speaks to me, I have to make it out here!" – Tahsin L

Why the Red Fern is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: redfernrochester.com

There are various reasons why the Red Fern is a great dating spot. You can both enjoy a meal that is healthy and guilt-free while relaxing in the chilled-out atmosphere of the restaurant. You can also enjoy plenty of choice with something to suit every palate.

According to the owner: "Andrea is a "vegan food sorceress," who works to change people’s perception of vegan food through well-executed "veganized" versions of classic dishes. Working in the service industry since she was 16, she relocated to Rochester, NY from Boston, MA to open her first restaurant, The Owl House, with a partner in 2010. In 2012, she left to begin work on a new concept, which boasted a 100% vegan menu, as well as gluten-free & allergy-friendly offerings. The Red Fern opened in September 2013 and is regarded as Rochester’s Top Vegan Restaurant."

What to Do Nearby

Source: rmsc.org

If you want to enjoy an exciting and enlightening experience, you can pay a visit to the nearby Strasenburgh Planetarium. Here, you can enjoy four floors packed with immersive shows and presentations as well as exciting displays and exhibits.

Source: mag.rochester.edu

Those who are interested in the arts and culture can enjoy a trip to the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester. There are many events that take place here as well as a range of exciting exhibitions to explore during your visit.

12. Joe Cristianos Pizza, Kingston

Source: images.squarespace-cdn.com

  • Couple ratio: 43%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

Offering eat-in, takeaway, and delivery options, Joe Cristianos Pizza is a great option for those who want to enjoy casual dining and great choice. You can choose from a wide selection of pizzas as well as some great sides, delicious salads, wraps, subs, and even pasta dishes.

This is a great choice if you want a quick bite on the go or want to sit in for a quick and casual lunch. While most people takeout, there are seating areas if you prefer to sit in. Otherwise, you can simply order to go and enjoy a romantic pizza lunch dining alfresco.

What Daters Say

"This place makes a good pie. Their wings are exceptional in my opinion, and I eat wings at many different places. They are serious and not for wishy-washy eaters because the flavors are bold." – John Anthony 6

"I've picked up pizza and other snacks once a week for over a year for our D&D games at the comic shop just down the road. The quality of the food and the service are both fantastic. Never had a bad experience. Even the desserts are really good. And they have a wide variety of drinks." - RedReidWolf

"We grab food here a couple of times a month and are rarely disappointed.  The pizza is great, and the wings are even better.  The meatball sliders are phenomenal as well." – Brian L

Why Joe Cristianos is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: images.squarespace-cdn.com

With the option to eat in or takeout, Joe Cristianos provides a great casual dating spot where you can relax and enjoy delicious pizzas, starters, wraps, and more. You can also enjoy affordable pricing, making it an ideal option for those who are on a tight budget.

As the many reviews demonstrate, you can look forward to great flavors and sumptuous taste when you order from here. There are dishes to suit all palates and preferences, so you can easily find something that both you and your partner can share and enjoy.

What to Do Nearby

Source: townofhydeparkny-historicalsociety.org

If you want to explore the past and take a step back in time, the Hyde Park Historical Society Museum is a great place to visit. You can take in a range of displays and exhibits as well as being guided around by knowledgeable staff.

Source: artistscollectiveofhydepark.com

For those who are into the arts, a visit to the Artists’ Collective of Hyde Park is highly recommended. You can enjoy taking in artwork from local talent and admission is completely free of charge, which is an added bonus.

13. Moe’s Southwest Grill, Rochester

Source: cdn.moes.com

  • Couple ratio: 42%
  • Aggregate review score: 3/5

If you are a big fan of Mexican food, Moe’s Southwest Grill could be the ideal choice for great food. This restaurant offers eat-in, take-out, and even catering options so you can enjoy your food just as you like it. You can enjoy listening to good music as you enjoy your food and you will love the welcoming atmosphere.

With friendly staff and good service, this is a great choice for those that want a casual dating experience with a choice of great Tex-Mex food options. You will also love the affordable pricing of the food here.

What Daters Say

"Great staff. Never once had anyone give me a hard time here. Always very professional and friendly. Great food as well. They also keep a great atmosphere with the best songs. Will always come back to this Moe's location whenever meeting up with a friend or with family." – Black Blade 87

"Aside from being welcomed as you enter the establishment, the staff is friendly, and I have never had an issue with my order being wrong. They seem to have a new GM who has always been visible during my visits and she (Anna) always asks how things are and thanks me for coming in." – Linda W

"Service was great and fast.  The food was amazing.  I love the chips when their nice and hot.   Last time I was there a lady just ordered the chips and guac.  I usually order the Joey and it's always been good I don't dare to get anything else.  Next time I shall try something new.  " – Andy B

Why Moe’s Southwest Grill is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: cdn.moes.com

“Moe’s Southwest Grill makes a great date spot because you can build a burrito while building a relationship. Customize your meal with fresh ingredients and engage in a lively debate about double dipping while sharing queso,” says Robby Ayala, Social Media Manager for the Moe’s team.

For those that want affordable food, a friendly venue, and a choice of great dishes, you can't go wrong with Moe's. It is great for a casual dating experience where you can chat and enjoy good food.

Moe’s states: "With more than 20 incredibly fresh ingredients like all-natural chicken, grass-fed steak and organic tofu to create one-of-a-kind meals, Moe's has everyone covered, from meat lovers to tree huggers to vegetarians and flexitarians. While we are best known for our awesome burritos, our menu also features kids', vegetarian and low-calorie options - all served with free chips and salsa. The only thing we don't have: microwaves."

What to Do Nearby

Source: imgix.bustle.com

Fancy a few sumptuous cocktails after enjoying your Tex-Mex feast? If so, head to nearby TGI Fridays, where you can choose from an excellent range of expertly mixed cocktails with something to cater to all tastes.

14. Texas Roadhouse, Rochester

Source: texasroadhouse.com

  • Couple ratio: 39%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5*

For a delicious and filling meal, the Texas Roadhouse is an excellent choice for your date. You can enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the restaurant as well as tucking into a juicy steak or one of the ranges of other dishes, including options for vegetarians.

You will find a varied menu with something to cater to all tastes and you can select from a wide variety of drinks including some truly fabulous cocktails. When you come here, you will be able to kick back and relax as you enjoy great service and good food.

What Daters Say

"As we always experience with Texas Roadhouse trips, we had a fabulous meal here with superb, friendly service. Both my partner and I had grilled salmon, and it was superb. Our waitress was friendly and efficient, and we loved the dancing to music on the hour by the staff. A truly memorable American experience. Texas Roadhouse always gets it right." – Capt. David Burton

"Our first time in this restaurant and we ended up visiting more than 3 times. Delicious Juicy Ribs. Freshly baked bread and some cracking nuts on arrival. Services are really great, and they're not that expensive." – 113Austinn

"We have been to Texas Roadhouse in buffalo before. We just happened to be driving by and had seen there was one here and we were hungry.  Quick seating, and exceptional service from Lee. We don't eat out often, so these outings are special for us. Lee was awesome and was extremely personable. Great job!!" – Jeffrey H

Why Texas Roadhouse is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: texasroadhouse.com

For the quintessential all-American, dating hot spot, Texas Roadhouse fits the bill. It’s no surprise this laid-back, throw-your-peanut-shells-on-the-floor, proud-to-be-loud destination wins countless consumer popularity contests. In a (pea)nutshell, Texas Roadhouse consistently delivers for a fun night on the town, that won’t break the bank.

"If employees are having fun, they’re going to have fun with guests," says CEO Kent Taylor. The restaurant offers line-dancing every 30 minutes and couples can choose everything from their favorite country music song on the jukebox to the exact steak they want from the meat case in the lobby. Want a drink first? There’s plenty of ice-cold beer and interesting cocktails like Kenny’s Cooler, made with Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay rum, Jamaican Cowboy or the ever-popular Skinny Lime Margarita.

And, Texas Roadhouse prides itself on making everything on the menu from scratch – in fact, each location has a professional butcher and baker to hand-cut steaks daily and craft each mouth-watering roll from scratch. You can’t go wrong when there are rattlesnake bites, cactus blossoms, and fried pickles to kick off the night before diving into affordable entrees that include two made-from-scratch sides and the unlimited fresh baked bread. Even if you’re not a steak lover, an endless list of menu options includes salads, ribs, burgers, grilled chicken and every other American favorite. Texas Roadhouse is a daters paradise – but the secret’s out so to impress your date, call-ahead and shorten the wait. Or better yet, download the app and jump the list right from your phone.

What to Do Nearby

Source: vrplaygroundroc.com

If you and your partner are into high-tech gaming, a trip to the VR Playground is a must. You can look forward to hours of virtual reality fun when you come here with some great games as well as tournaments.

Source: revolutionkaraoke.com

You may fancy sampling the local nightlife and having some fun along the way. If so, try Revolution Karaoke, where you can enjoy letting your hair down, relaxing with some drinks, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

15. Next Door by Wegmans, Rochester

Source: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

  • Couple ratio: 39%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

Offering an eclectic range of food to cater to all tastes, this is a restaurant that is ideal for an intimate date and great food. You can look forward to a cozy atmosphere and a diverse menu, which includes American food, sushi, and plenty of vegetarian options.

You can look forward to a relaxed and welcoming ambiance when you dine here, which makes it great for a chilled-out date. You can also enjoy a full bar with a good range of drinks with happy hour offers on at specified times.

What Daters Say

"I look forward to coming to Rochester on business just to have dinner at Next Door. The sushi is very fresh and expertly prepared. I rarely allow my dining guests to make all the selections, but I've never found one I didn't like here." - BVanns

"My boyfriend and I visited Next Door for Valentine's Day 2019. This was my first time here and his 4th (?). I was impressed with the service. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about wine options and the specials. " – AYR1286

"Fantastic dining experience in Rochester. Have been here dozens of times and food, service and ambiance are always perfect. Thank you, Next Door, for being the best." – Meghan V

Why Next Door by Wegmans is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: wegmans.com

With its eclectic menu, great atmosphere, speedy service, and warm welcome, this is a great spot for a relaxed dinner date. You can enjoy sumptuous cocktails and then relax and enjoy a choice of fabulous menu options to suit your tastes.

The owner states: "We take the best of Wegmans and prepare it fresh for you. All-natural, sustainable and organic ingredients from our store are specially selected for you by our chefs and prepared in a manner that's delicious and healthy. Join us and feed your love of great food."

What to Do Nearby

If you fancy working off some of that dinner and having some fun along the way, head to Clover Lanes for bowling. You can both enjoy letting your hair down and getting competitive as you go head to head at the bowling alley.

For those that fancy a spot of shopping and want to purchase gifts and other items, a trip to One World Goods is a good option. You will find a variety of products you can buy including fashion, gifts, and food.

16. Lux Lounge, Rochester

Source: images.fineartamerica.com

  • Couple ratio: 39%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

For those who want to enjoy an experience that is a little different from the norm, the Lux Lounge provides the perfect place for a date. You will love the vibe at this alternative bar where you can enjoy a bite to eat, indulge in cocktails, and admire the art.

Cool and exciting, this is also a great place to enjoy the music and get up on the dance floor to show off your moves. You can even head outside and enjoy the outdoor fire as you take in the unique atmosphere of this place.

What Daters Say

"What more can you ask for at a bar than to be able to get drinks on a budget and still have a blast! Their Pabst Smear is the "have to get" drink- a shot of rail liquor and a PBR beer (not mixed together). Bartenders are super friendly and funny." – Jess S

"I recommend this hipster bar, located in the "South Wedge" section of Rochester, New York. Very cool space. Fun bartenders. Reasonable prices." – Izzy325

"Inclusive is an understatement! This place had every facet of humanity covered! I loved the layout; they had a great crowd of really diverse people. The bar was packed but still moved fast and the show was amazing." – Mike L

Why Lux Lounge is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: lux666.com

The quirky vibe, superb atmosphere, friendly staff, and entertainment factor are just some of the reasons why Lux is a great place for your date.

According to Insider Rochester Remixed: "Lux Lounge is unlike any other bar or lounge in Rochester, something that’s won it a loyal following. It’s the type of place you’ll either love or hate. But check it out next time you’re looking for a break from the usual."

What to Do Nearby

Source: cityofrochester.gov

If you want to go from the unique vibe of Lux to a place of peace and tranquility, you can head to nearby Cobb’s Hill Park. This lies in an elevated position, so you can enjoy some great views as well as taking in the natural beauty.

When it comes to exciting experiences and a fascinating place to stop by with a date, the Rochester Museum & Science Center is a must-visit attraction. You will be entertained for hours as you explore the planetarium, the science center, the nature center, and much more.

17. Nox Cocktail Lounge

Source: noxcocktail.com

  • Couple ratio: 38%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

From delicious comfort food and diverse menus through to sumptuous craft cocktails to treat your taste buds, you will find plenty to love about Nox Cocktail Lounge. This is a place that is relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for a chilled out, casual date.

Whether you are stopping off for a bite to eat and a drink before heading elsewhere, or whether you want to enjoy relaxing in the chilled-out ambiance of this venue, you can look forward to great service and affordable pricing.

What Daters Say

"My wife and I decided to try Nox as it seemed fun and funky. This is a unique spot in Rochester with a fun menu and surroundings. Like a coffee shop meets a bar, soft chairs or stools or table, whichever you prefer. As a really nice touch they have games and (rock'm, sock'm robots,etc) to make things more fun." – Ful Quiver

"Their fries with aioli sauce - omg! So good! Drinks are good, the atmosphere is adorable and very cozy! We have been back a few times!" – Jaime W

"Finally made it to Nox, glad I did!  Love the interior, it's got windows on two sides so lots of natural light - but the dark woods make it cozy still.  There are scattered tables, a bunch of couches around a coffee table and seats at the bar.  There were enough people to make it feel like a fun spot, but we could also actually hear each other talk, which was great." – Kaeri C

Why Nox Cocktail Lounge is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: noxcocktail.com Described by some as a combination of a bar and café, this is a place that provides the perfect relaxed ambiance for a date. You can kick back and chill out with a cocktail, your favorite beverage, and a bite to eat while enjoying a chat and soaking up the tranquil vibe of the place.

"Nox is a great dating spot primarily due to its ambiance, relaxed atmosphere and ease of sharing items. We are casual enough that you don't feel like you are being intruded upon and can get a good conversation going. Our decor is easily enough to provide conversational starters as well. Our drinks are also strong so if the date is not going well, it's not a total loss!", said owner Aaron Metras.

What to Do Nearby

Source: live.staticflickr.com

Part of the Neighborhood of the Arts, Village Gate Square is a place where you can enjoy relaxation, shopping, attractions, eateries, places to enjoy a drink and much more. You will find a host of great sights and attractions within the area and you can also take in the various indoor and outdoor sculptures.

The Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester is a great place for those who love the arts. You can take in a variety of exhibitions as well as enjoy the variety of events that take place at the museum depending on the time of your visit.

18. Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria, Rochester

Source: napawoodfired.com

  • Couple ratio: 33%
  • Aggregate review score: 4.5/5

Offering a range of Italian and American dishes along with a great selection of cocktails and drinks, Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria is a popular place for couples as well as groups, families, and friends. This is a place with a cozy atmosphere and a great vibe, making it ideal for a casual lunch, brunch, or dinner date.

In addition to delicious wood-fired pizzas, you can look forward to a choice of starters and sides, a variety of salad options, and some mouthwatering desserts. The venue has been named as one of the top 3 pizza places in Rochester for 2019.

What Daters Say

"Have eaten here several times, with never a complaint. I have had several salads, soup, and of course the Wood Fired Pizza - all really nicely done. Food is really good, service is good, and space is a bit tight when really busy, but in summer you can eat outside." – Denise B

"Found this place through the power of the internet! We were pleased that we did. The pizza was delicious, nicely priced. Will definitely go again when in the area!" – CC Harpy2

"Absolutely great food and service every time I eat here. High quality, fresh ingredients that you can taste with every bite. The fire-roasted chicken wings are delicious. It comes with 2 different sauces and then topped with a peppercorn sauce. And the Greko pizza, oh man! It is divine!! They use a wheat dough and the spicy chicken sausage is amazing and the other ingredients just make this pizza a definite 5!" – Soum D

Why Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: napawoodfired.com

A venue that is filled with charm and character, this pizzeria offers a casual and relaxed dining experience. This makes it ideal for dates, and you can relax before dinner with a delicious cocktail or your favorite beverage.

According to the owner: "Millions of satisfied customers have been served the finest wood-fired pizza & specialty dishes in our warm and rustic settings. Affordable prices and impeccable service."

What to Do Nearby

Source: museumofplay.org

Anyone who is interested in the history of gaming, both digital and traditional, will love the Strong National Museum of Play. There is much to see and explore here, with a range of collections and exhibits as well as exciting interactive experiences.

Source: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

An attractive downtown park with a beautiful waterfall, stunning surroundings, and an ice rink, Manhattan Square Park and Ice Rink provides a great place for relaxation, a romantic stroll, or a little outdoor fun.

19. Blaze Pizza, Rochester

Source: blazepizza.com

  • Couple ratio: 22%
  • Aggregate review score: 4/5

At Blaze Pizza, you can enjoy a unique pizza experience with the chance to make your own specialty pizza as well as choose from a pre-set menu. This means you can enjoy your pizza just the way you want it – and without spending a fortune.

The casual setting means you can look forward to relaxing in a chilled-out environment while you enjoy your food. You can also expect great service and a choice of salads, drinks, and desserts if you are feeling extra hungry.

What Daters Say

"Blaze Pizza is the only place to go for a unique experience for Pizza. It is fashioned on the Subway idea. You get to choose everything, toppings, veggies, meats, dressings, etc. Everyone who works there follows the manager's concept of interacting with the customer and make them feel welcome. Your Pizza is done within 2 minutes and we have not had a bad experience yet. Download their app so you can collect flames which lead to a free Pizza." – Retired098

"This place is fantastic...all the toppings you want...and believe me they aren't skimpy...also you can top it after baked with different drizzles..my grandson loves it we started in Knoxville but Rochester is fantastic...will keep going every week for pizza." - Debcrd

"One of the best places to have pizza. The service is really good. The staff are very friendly and help you out choose the best pizza. The wood-fired pizzas are really delicious. They allow us to customize the pizza with the topping we want to have. A variety of drink options are also available. The pizzas have the right amount of toppings and cheese. So, no complaints at all." – Lakshmi P

Why Blaze Pizza is the Perfect Date Spot

Source: blazepizza.com

If you want to enjoy a casual dating experience, great pizza, speedy service, and a chilled-out atmosphere, this is an excellent choice of venue. You can look forward to plenty of choices and the opportunity to relax and chat with your partner as you tuck in.

This is also an award-winning chain, with a report from Yahoo Finance stating: "Blaze Pizza, a pizza chain backed by NBA champion LeBron James, took the top spot as America’s overall favorite fast-food pizza."

What to Do Nearby

Source: billgraysiceplex.com

If you want a fun way to work off some of that pizza, a trip to Bill Gray’s Iceplex could be just the ticket. You can enjoy ice-skating, games such as ice-hockey, and the vibrant and exciting atmosphere of this buzzing venue.

For those looking for culture and entertainment, a trip to the nearby Downstairs Cabaret Theater is recommended. This venue hosts a range of shows and performances, so you are certain to find something that appeals to your tastes.